Hospital and Health Systems

Mobile Clinical Trial Management System

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Electronic Data Capture

Remote patient monitoring leading to real-time data and real-world behavioral evidence to impact market access

Subject Verification for 155 Countries

No Borders: Expand your study participant reach globally

Electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessment & Patient Reported Outcomes

Respond to AE & SAE when they happen, during trials and the lifetime use of the product

Machine Learning and AI

Fully leverage the FDA’s adaptive design; course correct for dosage, population size and more

Comprehensive Bluetooth Device Integration

Empowers “Bring Your Own Device” and the data collection that’s expanded and enabled – benefitting from every connected device and applications’ data directly into your subjects’ data capture

eCRF and Field CRF

Enables “hybrid studies” with high-touch eVisits via eCRF, web & mobile

Either eliminate or reduce your CRO brick & mortar costs; increase ROI for dollars already invested in the CRO by expanding reach, touch and frequency of interaction

Class-leading clinical standards and compliance

GCP, 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA & GDPR Compliance

Payment Automation

Pay using PayPal

eConsent & eSignature

Expand the informed consent (eIC) needed based on real-time data insights


Real-time data validation creates lifetime legal protections through data analytics, machine learning and AI

Behavioral Tools

For enhanced collection of Predictive, QOL and PRO data.

  • Our unique behavioral recruitment engine qualifies potential participants based on behavioral assessments, to determine if a participant is a high-risk for withdrawal, protocol deviation or a potential superstar, and let’s get them enrolled.
  • We also determine behaviors that can influence Market Access (bringing greater value to your pharma partners).
    • Imagine running a parallel study along with the primary study, for a secondary endpoint that identifies both positive and negative behaviors in relation to the IP.
    • Imagine being able to show early positive behaviors in relation to the IP that will impact medication adherence and being able to show that to an Insurer – building the business case for inclusion into their formulary.
    • Imagine being able to track those behaviors, in tandem with machine learning, for the patient’s lifetime use of product.

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