Bryan Silverman:
Chief Executive Officer

Bryan “cut his teeth” in the corporate world by running a company called The Right Bite Nutrition & Fitness Consultants for almost 16 years, offering work-site wellness programs to Fortune 500 companies.

Seeing the emergence of digital technology, Bryan entered this new world by creating his own division at WebMD. He was hired directly by the Chairman of WebMD based upon a proposal he wrote and sent to him, demonstrating how targeted software applications can enable market capture in corporate wellness. 

Bryan went on to form several startups, all at the bleeding edge of technology and three of which he successfully sold. ObvioHealth is Bryan’s 23rd startup.

Bryan has been privileged to be a part of multiple think tank and innovation teams including stints at Johnson & Johnson and Unilever. He has also deployed technology for use within healthcare, CPG/FMCG, pharma, hospital systems, insurer and employer groups, governments and the automotive industries. 

Bryan has learned how to create electronic bridges that foster not just an Internet of Things but rather an Internet of Everything. He has formed real-world data teams and designed applications for integration within multiple platforms: desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, IPTV, IVR, IM, video, telematics, VR, AR, chatbots, wrist-worn devices, smart TV’s and the connected car.

Bryan has a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition from The Ohio State University where he completed a pre-medical curriculum and a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition from The New York Institute of Technology.

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