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Answers to the most frequently asked questions for Sponsors.

Sponsors FAQs

Can the ClaimIt app be used on a phone and a tablet?

Currently the ClaimIt app is only available on iOS or Android smartphones.

Can the ClaimIt Field Level CRFs (similar to eCRFs) be used on a phone and a tablet?
Can either the ClaimIt App or the ClaimIt Field Level CRF be used on a laptop or desktop?
What if the participant does not own a smartphone?
How is the data collected from participants kept secure?
Where/how is study data stored?
Where are the servers located?
What kinds of data can be collected through the ClaimIT App? Photos? ECGs? Images?
How do you know if the participant is who they say they are?
How can you confirm a participant is in receipt of study materials?
What if a study requires blood draws, images, evaluations or other measures that are only available through HCPs?
Without a physical site, how do you recruit subjects?
Who provides the statistical analysis?
Who prepares the Clinical Study Report?
Who writes the protocol, informed consent and any questionnaires?
What means are used to support participant compliance?

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