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Participants FAQs

What does a typical research study look like?

Research studies help determine whether new treatments are safe and effective. And research participants make it all possible.

Participants may receive specific interventions — which may be investigational medications, devices, or procedures — according to a research plan (referred to as a protocol) developed by the scientists and doctors involved in the research. Research studies may compare a new medical approach to a standard one that is already available, to a placebo that contains no active investigational medication, or to no intervention at all. These elements vary depending on the research study, and the research study team will discuss these in detail before you agree to participate. With participant safety top of mind, governing bodies have established rules to ensure that research studies are conducted in the most safe and ethical way possible to keep participants protected throughout.

Why volunteer to take part in a research study?
Can I talk to other people about the research study?
Can I tell my doctor? Will my doctor get involved?
Will taking part in a research study cost me anything?
How long is a research study?
How do I take part in a research study?
What is the electronic informed consent?
What if I want to leave a research study?
What happens after I complete the research study?
Can the ClaimIt app be used on any smartphone?
How do you protect my data?
What can be collected through the ClaimIt app?
How do I confirm I received my study materials?
How do I know I received the correct study product?
What if I have an adverse event?
Does it matter where I live?
What if I have to travel while on the study?
How do I return study materials?
What do I do with unused study product?
Will I be paid?

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