James Hendrick:

Chief of Staff

James worked for ObvioHealth’s parent company, SPRIM, for four years prior to transitioning to ObvioHealth, as one of the company’s first employees. James brings valuable experience leading a variety of complex global projects related to healthcare innovation, clinical trial operations, and regulatory compliance. James excels as a highly organized, pragmatic leader of diverse international teams focused on achieving operational excellence and client satisfaction.

As Chief of Staff, James contributes to numerous high priority strategic initiatives within ObvioHealth, including business development and partnerships, global expansion of ObvioHealth personnel and operational footprints, and ongoing IT development of the ClaimIt platform. James has a broad scientific background with focuses in human health, physiology, and biology.

Prior to joining SPRIM, he gained valuable business perspectives as the owner and manager of a nautical engineering & technology company.

James holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a focus in Health Sciences from the University of Central Florida.

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