Joshua Lowndes:

Associate Director Clinical Operations

Joshua is a physiologist with 15 years research experience in academic and industry settings. 

Prior to ObvioHealth, Joshua focused on research in human obesity and metabolism, with a dual emphasis on the cardiometabolic consequences of obesity and change in weight, and on the neuroendocrine regulation of energy balance.  This work included investigating the impact of various dietary components, particularly different types of sugars, on these physiological systems.

Joshua’s experience in industry has focused on working with trade groups and multi-national corporations in the food and dietary supplement sector.  He has designed and conducted studies used for product development, for national advertising campaigns, and for contributing to FDA Health Claims. Joshua has 22 peer-reviewed publications in high-impact scientific and medical journals and has authored two book chapters.

Joshua is certified by SOCRA. He has a Master of Arts in Exercise Physiology from the University of Central Florida and a Master of Science in Regulatory Affairs from The George Washington University.

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