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ORLANDO, FL – SEPTEMBER 5, 2018 - One of the biggest challenges in clinical research is poor compliance. Subjects who dropout, and who therefore do not provide data specific to study endpoints, are wasted money. A high dropout rate requires a larger sample size, leading to longer recruitment timelines and a surge in study costs.

Lack of diversity within the clinical trial industry poses a grave problem. We cannot assume medicines work similarly across ethnicities.

While attracting and retaining minority groups to participate in clinical trials has become a primary focus in the industry, many obstacles exist.

Mobile Clinical Trial Users

We’re in the midst of a technology transformation in healthcare. Robots are performing surgery, visits to the doctor occur online, and medical devices are smarter than ever. Research studies are no different.

Digital technology can now enable collecting data from participants in their homes, during their everyday lives, instead of inconvenient, costly trips to the clinic. It’s as simple as having a smart phone.