Clinical. Digital. Real Time.

The Next Generation CRO

ObvioHealth is a global digital health company and full-service CRO focused on utilizing technology to drive innovation in healthcare, as well as, cost savings in research studies.
Our mobile clinical study platform, ClaimIt offers both 100% site-less clinical trials and the opportunity for “hybrid” studies where a brick & mortar environment is a requirement.
ClaimIt allows for removal of the costly overhead of physical site visits (if desired) and brings the trial directly to the mobile device of each participant, allowing the study team to communicate with and always be connected to study participants.
The result: robust data collection, increased compliance, faster time to completion, and significant cost savings vs. traditional site-based trials.

Our Values

  • Science is our Foundation – We strive to make the Scientific Method more efficient by delivering better solutions, faster timelines, and significant cost savings via technology & science
  • Collaboration – We seek to form strong partnerships & collaborations with world class organizations that aid in the development of new therapies and bring new insights into human health
  • Enablement – With our partners, we democratize scientific research – bringing clinical trials directly to the subject and capturing key insights anywhere, anyplace, and anytime
  • Real World Evidence – Our mobile platform fosters, supports and enables real-world health outcomes by affording ease of use in collecting real-time data points that are simply out-of-reach in the traditional brick & mortar setting

Our Mission

To transform the world of clinical research & drug development via technology and real-world data, enabling healthcare innovations that positively influence global human health and the human experience called life.

Our Parent Company

As the parent company of ObvioHealth, SPRIM offers a solid foundation and important resources for conducting business in the global healthcare industry.
Founded in 2001, SPRIM has worked with some of the biggest Consumer-Packaged-Goods (CPG), Over-The-Counter (OTC), and Pharmaceutical companies in the world.
As a global life sciences management consulting firm and traditional CRO in 17 countries, SPRIM exists to help its clients innovate new products, analyze the global marketplace, and substantiate health claims. Over the years of operation, and coinciding with the technology revolution, the founders of SPRIM intuitively knew there was a better, faster way to help clients demonstrate product efficacy and substantiate their claims – the genesis of ObvioHealth.