Welcome To ClaimIt:

Participant's Journey

A brief introduction into the journey of a participant through the ClaimIt™ App

Participant Recruitment via Targeted Landing Page

We utilize targeted social media advertising to cost effectively funnel potential participants to a study specific landing page.
Each landing page contains details about the parameters of the trial, the benefits of participating, and financial compensation.

Screening Questionnaire

Participants that are interested in participating will complete an initial questionnaire designed to automatically screen for subjects that meet defined inclusion criteria. Individuals that are not eligible at this time are invited to join the ClaimIt Participant Database and receive invitations to participate in future trials.

Download ClaimIt App

After passing the initial screening, a study team member may contact each participant to validate responses and ensure that all inclusion criteria are met.
Participants that meet all requirements are invited to download the ClaimIt App.

Informed Consent

Participants create a ClaimIt account and complete the Informed Consent process. A series of screens explains the parameters of the study, including:
  • Privacy Policy
  • Data Gathering & Usage
  • Study Tasks & Surveys
  • Time Commitment
  • Option to Withdraw
Subjects will have the opportunity to connect with a member of the study team to ask questions prior to signing the electronic informed consent.

Milestone Payments

Participants link a PayPal account to the ClaimIt app to receive compensation for participation.
Milestone payments are structured to ensure the participant completes the study.

Receive Product

Shortly after enrolling, participants will receive a package in the mail that contains the products and devices required to complete the trial. The participant will submit a picture to confirm the contents of the package arrived safely.

Link Devices

The ClaimIt app can be linked to a variety of health devices for automatic data collection, including:
  • Apple Watch, Fitbit, activity trackers
  • Bluetooth scales & blood pressure monitors
  • Smart Health apps

Intervention Period: Daily Tasks

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